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Hip Hop Product Catalog

Hip Hop 50's Shop now offers a printable product catalog. Follow these three easy steps:
  1. Download the PDF Product Catalog (click here)
  2. Print the PDF and hand it out
  3. There is no third step, it's just that easy!
50's Poodle Skirts, Costumes and other products

Vintage Dresses
Vintage Dress Outfits
Adult Poodle Skirt Outfits
Children's 50's Outfits
Adult Poodle Skirts
Children's Poodle Skirts
Crinoline Petticoats
Poodle Tops
Saddle Oxford Shoes
Cateye Glasses
Bobby Socks
Chiffon Scarf
Cinch Belts
Party Jewelry
Party Supplies
Wholesale Lots
50's Costumes
Men's items
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